Totally Together Mani Pedi Set – T-26

Totally Together Mini Mani Set – T-23
8 October 2019
Silk Toe and Nail Scissors – TS-55B
8 October 2019

Totally Together Mani Pedi Set – T-26

Totally Together Mani Pedi Set

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Nail Brush:For best results,use warm,sudsy water to clean outer nail surfaces and difficult areas underneath nails.Clean brush after each use and allow to air dry.Fingernail Clipper:Ideally,nails should be cut when wet for smoother edges and best results.Nails should be cut into an oval shape and extend slighly beyond fingertip to protect the sensivite area.This clipper is for fingernails only.Nail Scissors:Cut fingernails into an oval shape and to a length which suits your preference.These nail scissors are for fingernails only.Cuticle Pusher:Soak fingertips in warm water.Push cuticle back into a square shape with the blunt end of the cuticle pusher.The pointed end may be used to clean under the nail edge.Cuticle Nipper:Cut the dead cuticle area,being very careful not to damage the healthy cuticle area.Salon Board:Use board to smooth and blen the seams between artificial nails and natural nails.Hold board at an angle and file in one direction only.4-Step Buffing Board:The 4-step buffing board gives your nails a natural,lustrous finish.Color coded for easy use:

Step1(Pink) evens,

Step-2(Purple) smoothers,


Step-4(Teal)Shines.Toenail Clipper:Ideally,toenails should be cut when wet to prevent cracking and beraking.Place clipper along toenail edge,being careful not to cut nails shorter than tips of toes for maximum safety and comfort.Nails should be cut staight across to help prevent ingrown toenails.