Disclaimer Regarding the Use of Counterfeit Products

Dear Customers,

In recent days, counterfeit products have been detected in the products of our brands that are on sale from e-commerce sites applications / marketplaces. Our company follows the legal processes for the sale of counterfeit products. In order to prevent our consumers from experiencing victimization in this process, we kindly ask you to keep your invoices for 30 days and to forward your invoices with product visuals to us. If you encounter such a problem, we strongly advise you to apply to Consumer Rights.

Since this situation has negative effects on the personal hygiene and health of our valued customers and damages the reputation of our company, we have started to sell products from our company's website with the extension www.repline.com.tr in order to facilitate your access to safe and original products. In the next period, it is possible to sell products on our website www.repline.com.tr, and you can also find our original products, and you can securely shop from our website or other preferred points with the links provided to other sales points.

In conclusion, we would like to state that; In order not to experience any grievances, we kindly ask you not to shop from websites and/or sales points other than our website with the extension www.repline.com.tr, the sales links directed by the same site, and the sales points specified on our website. We present our warning on the subject to the attention of our valued customers.

For your complaint notifications on the subject  info@repline.com.tr